There are a number of reasons you need to maintain your irrigation system. For starters, irrigation systems require regular preventative maintenance to ensure efficient operation. We check everything starting with your meter, backflow, controller, valves, main line, lateral lines, heads and nozzles. We look for breaks and leaks while adjusting your heads and nozzles for optimum coverage. We also set your controller based on the individual needs of your landscape and the current environmental conditions.

Healthy lawns, perennials, shrubs, and trees require dependable hydration. Your landscape is an investment and you need to protect it. Our industry-trained professionals can help to ensure that your irrigation system is operating efficiently and effectively.

Spring Start-Up

  • Turn on proper valves
  • Prime mainline
  • Verify operation at each zone
  • Check for leaks & identify needed repairs
  • Adjust heads & clear growth
  • Set controller & calibrate runtime for spring


  • Blow out heads, rotors, values & lines
  • Shut down system to protect against freezing temperatures

Periodic Site Inspections

  • Performance evaluation
  • Check for leaks & identify needed repairs
  • Adjust heads
  • Adjust controller settings as season changes

Inspection Reports

  • Itemized list of work performed each visit